Reflex Protect for Certified Trainers

This training video is focused on training you, a trained security professional, to train others in the efficient and effective use of Reflex Protect products. The video is designed so that the trainer will be able to prepare the trainee to respond appropriately to threats of workplace violence or a potential armed aggressor, even in stressful situations. The video includes demonstrations of Reflex Protect Inert Practice Units and how best to use them to establish comfort and ease of use; demonstrations of Reflex Protect CS Gel Live Spray and how best to incapacitate an aggressor; and demonstrations involving the clean-up procedure of both a subject affected by a chemical irritant spray (whether Reflex Protect™ or otherwise) and the surrounding area using our proprietary decontaminate, NCS Fast. Those who have completed the Reflex Defense Training Course for Trainers will be awarded a certification lasting four years.

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