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This training video is focused on training you, a trained security professional, to train others in the efficient and effective use of Reflex Protect® products. The video is designed so that the trainer will be able to prepare the trainee to respond appropriately to threats of workplace violence or a potential armed aggressor, even in stressful situations. The video includes demonstrations of Reflex Protect® Inert Practice Units and how best to use them to establish comfort and ease of use; demonstrations of Reflex Protect® Presidia Gel® Live Spray and how best to incapacitate an aggressor; and demonstrations involving the clean-up procedure of both a subject affected by a chemical irritant spray (whether Reflex Protect® or otherwise) and the surrounding area using our proprietary decontaminate, Reflex Remove™. Those who have completed the Reflex Protect Training Course for Trainers will be awarded a certification lasting two years.

As a Reflex Protect® Trainer, you now have the ability to train others in your organization to certify them in the use of Reflex Protect®. After you have trained your organization’s employees, you can enroll them into the Reflex Protect® User Training Course where they can watch the final video and receive their user certification.

Getting Started

Step 1. When you’re ready to create your group, click the link below to be taken to the product page:

Step 2. Next, enter the amount of trainees you want enrolled in the Reflex Protect® User Training Course and click “Add to Cart”.

NOTE: There isn’t a limit and you can always add more later.

Step 3. Once on the Cart page, click Checkout button to proceed, or you can also change the quantity of trainees here too.

Step 4. On the Checkout page, confirm your account details are correct and up to date, enter your Group Name in the box at the bottom of the page and finish checkout.

And that’s it! Your group has been created and is ready to enroll trainees.